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Answering Services

With benefits like these, more companies are hiring call answering services

It is proven that people call businesses to talk to a live person. Customers often get frustrated and hang up when they get an auto-attendant. This is terrible for business and for the reputation of the brand, costing a lot of customers and money. People like talking to people. When the workforce to handle after-hour calls is lacking in in a business, they hire ONTO’s answering service with live representatives. It is by wide margins that businesses using our services outperform those that don’t. We process customer inquiries and phone calls during busy times and when businesses close, or 24/7. We do everything they need: announcements, reminders, manage help desk issues that are sophisticated, send faxes and emails, set appointments, and a whole lot more, providing the support that helps boost profitability because it generates repeat business.

Email Response Service

The power to cheer disgruntled clients & stop call escalation immediately

One of the most common and essential channels businesses use to send customer service responses today are emails. Because they are a somewhat controllable element with a clear and immediate impact on our customer’s experience, email response times matter, so here at ONTO we respond to customer emails within minutes. Customer service responses include emails that address customer concerns. Our Client’s customers know by these emails that our client cares about their concerns and that we care about their customers’ experience with their company.

ONTO does every custom email response our client needs; we write what they want emailed, such as customer service response emails, promotional emails, special offer emails, product not received emails, product return emails, received wrong product emails, billing error emails, poor customer follow-up emails, and refund request follow-up emails, etc.

Outbound marketing

We increase your sales, profits, and customer retention rates

Our outbound system make calls on our clients’ behalf. ONTO makes good first impressions. These calls are usually appointment reminders, surveys, service feedback, and testimonial appointment setting. You will be trained to be proactive, to take initiative, and never sound like you are reading a script.

The focus is mainly on making calls regarding appointment reminders, surveys, service feedback, and testimonial appointment setting, and customer service follow up. But we always do what the client needs us to do. Companies leverage us to increase their revenue.

Inbound Marketing

We handle the inbound customer inquiries for our clients

You will be trained on handling incoming communication. Whether it is through a social media channel such as Google My Business, Facebook, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Instagram, you will handle the communication for our Client’s business. ONTO inbound agents handle order taking and processing, sales inquiries & answering questions, billing, data processing, contract renewals, tech support, receive complaints, product status update and tracking, troubleshooting, and more. Our client will give us the requirements that you will be trained on and we expect you to provide the best customer service you can. ONTO believes in creating experiences.

Live Chat Support Careers

Build your career by learning how to handle communication via chat with US Citizens

Integrating live chat helps eliminate the need for complicated IVR systems and improves one-time contact resolution. With live chat: Customer waiting time is cut down. The operating cost associated with customer support is lowered. One-time resolution is improved with visual engagement. Common customer queries are interpreted and solutions are suggested. Barriers to understanding are reduced with intelligent auto-suggestions.

You are enabled in real-time to see and interact with customers’ screens. From a customer perspective, there’s a 74% satisfaction rate in the experience of customers who use live chat and they are three times more likely to convert when they’ve used live chat. Moreover, it can be as high as 306% the average ROI you receive from live chat. This is far higher than other customer support options. It will be your role to provide excellent support through our Client’s customer support channels.

Content Writing Careers

On the web, content is king and meaningful substance attracts visitors

A wide range of content writing services like copywriting services, translation services, and editing services, etc., are provided by ONTO. We write our client’s website’s content, articles, blogs, social media posts and advertisements – everything. You name it. The king on the web is content. Visitors are attracted to a site’s content. Clicks can easily be transformed into clients by well-written content. Easily understood, clear and concise messages attract web viewers. Search engine optimization, along with typical writing skills and talent, are incorporated in great website content development. Several productive purposes are served by a well-written article with quality, expert information visitors will come back for over and over again. Keyword phrases for SEO can be targeted with well written content. ONTO applies the highest standards in written English to our clients.

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