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Check out the great work culture that awaits you when you join the ranks of our ONTO family. You can tabulate it all with the help of these employee video testimonials. ONTO puts people first and helps all its family of workers pursue their passions. We always encourage authenticity, and create opportunities for our family of employees to connect on a personal level. A healthy work culture is as important to ONTO as a healthy balance sheet, and the benefits and fringe benefits extended to you by ONTO go far beyond your salary. In no time you can be offered incredible remuneration packages of compensation. ONTO empowers people to own their projects, and they can receive profit-sharing bonuses on top of their appealing base salary. ONTO fills you up wonderfully by providing not just job satisfaction, but life satisfaction as well. That’s deep – and lucrative. Why do you think ONTO perennially is the best company to work with in the Dominican Republic of Quisqueya la Bella? Get ONTO it so you can happily log ONTO it with us! You will love all our idiosyncrasies that always keep you motivated, inspired, and full of passion because you know your future is secure and bright with ONTO. Yeah, baby!

Louis Carrasco

Hi there. My name is Louis Carrasco and I’ve been an agent with ONTO for the past year. ONTO is the one thing I’m grateful to the pandemic for, because it was due to the pandemic that I lost my other job and that’s how I learned about ONTO and got my opportunity with them. For me, ONTO has been my dream job because now I’ve finally found my comfort zone, my niche, working comfortably with ONTO from my home with great pay and opportunities. All my colleagues at ONTO say the same thing, so it won’t be any different with you or anyone else who wants to join our family.

Gracie Veras

Hi. My name is Gracie Veras and I am an agent for ONTO. I have been with ONTO for seven months and they have the best work culture I’ve ever experienced. So warm, friendly, respectful, considerate, and supportive. I love the way they recognize and reward you for great work. We have complete solidarity at ONTO just like a big happy family! It isn’t just a job, because ONTO really cares about you and wants the best for you, wants you to have personal success in life. They even like to frequently pay us in advance. I wouldn’t change ONTO for any other company to work with. We’re simply the best in DR!

Leslie de Los Santos

Hey Guys, my name is Leslie de los Santos. I work here with ONTO. I’ve been here for about almost a year or so, give or take, and this would be my second campaign with them. So, they have several campaigns and you can work with them on and it’s really a thing where you get to choose what type of work are you, ah, you know, into, and it’s been something that has come as a blessing because I found it in the middle of a pandemic where everyone was in financial hardship, everyone was losing jobs, and I was able to find a place that was supportive, stable, and really allowed me to have that work life balance and, because of that, I will be staying here; it will allow me to grow in my career, it will allow me to grow in my life and still have that stability and support and that guidance I would if I was in an office. It’s really something that came as a blessing. My family is extremely happy for me and they are thrilled that I’ve been able to do this work right from the comfort of my home. So everyone who is looking for something that is similar, I would recommend it to them. And it really goes a long way to have that Team with you even if you’re not in an office.

Karin Alvarez

Hi there. My name is Karin Alvarez. I am the mother of 2 toddlers who also teaches English online to Chinese students. On top of that I was still able to join ONTO’s work-from-home program sheerly because of how simple and easy it is to work in any of ONTO’s many campaigns. They are so organized and professional, and so supportive and understanding. ONTO just wants the best for their family of agents and always works with you to accommodate you. It is a true blessing from the skys that has allowed me to dream of that apartment I want. You feel so good knowing you’re with ONTO. I’ve never felt like this for any of the other companies I’ve worked for.

Diana Ramia

Hi friends. My name is Diana (Ramia). I have been part of the ONTO family for over a year now. I could share with you that my experience here started during a really hard time in the pandemic. But joining the family helped me to find an opportunity to grow. I am a very people person and I came to ONTO to work with friends that easily and quickly became family. The best part of working with the family is that with the help of the visionary leaders that started this family we have all been able to grow together both professionally and personally. And we have been able to share our greater self to make ONTO even greater.

Chayna Solomon

Hey! My name is Chayna Solomon and I am sooo lucky to say I am a veteran of ONTO. I don’t know how to say this, but working with ONTO is completely different from what work is supposed to feel like, because usually, when it comes to working, no one wants to work. But yet, with ONTO, I actually look forward to it due to the camaraderie of support and appreciation, the simplicity and ease of work, and the great benefits we receive as well. The pay is much better than the call centers here and when there’s growth in business and the company, well, it also reflects in our paycheck. All this right from my favorite spot at home with zero stress. You can’t beat that! Working with ONTO is the best, most productive part of my days.

Josie Estrella

Hi, my name is Josie Estrella and I’ve been working for ONTO for quite some time now – and I’m loving every minute of it! They do have different campaigns and they’re all fairly simple and easy. ONTO gave me the responsibility and I’ve been fortunate of being a virtual online secretary for a physical therapy clinic in New York City where I book appointments for the patients that call in just for that. I feel I hit the jackpot with ONTO because it is a better job and it’s 100% better than working in any other call centers here. Just the pay and the growth opportunity alone are amazing. I’m very happy here with ONTO, for it’s the best job I’ve had in years. I do want to say: AMEN FOR ONTO. Thank you!

Yami Perez

Hi! My name is Yami Perez and I have been an agent with ONTO for 5 months. I only wish I had known about ONTO sooner it would have avoided so many hardships for me. But I plan to always give my best so I can count on ONTO forever because it is a true blessing that I thank God for. I feel so honored to be part of something so good and so special that I always start my workdays with passion, loving what I do. For me, it is so important to like what you do because human beings spend one-third of their lifetime working, and you don’t want to spend all that time feeling lousy, angry, oppressed and enslaved. No!
Thank you, Jesus, for my perfect job at ONTO!

Fernando Moronta

Hey Guys, my name is Fernando Moronta. Working with ONTO is having the complete security of solidarity, of true family that keeps it REAL with you at all times. My wife was robbed in the street of my entire ONTO pay and once ONTO learned about it BOOM here they came to the rescue: they volunteered to pay me an advance of 75% of my payroll that at that moment I hadn’t really, I had only worked 20% for. They said it was to soften up the blow of the huge loss the robber had created for us and so we wouldn’t be broke and have money to buy food and milk for the kids. Wow, how thoughtful of them – like true blood! Never in a million years you’ll find in any call center or any job at that matter. ONTO put me in an easy, stress-free campaign in the middle of a pandemic that I haven’t felt thanks to them. God bless ONTO. You don’t have to be wise to know that you should take advantage of any position or vacancy that you find at ONTO. ONTO welcomes you to come and join the family. Thank you everybody, thank you ONTO – GOD BLESS YOU!

Edwin Diaz

Hi my name is Edwin Diaz, and I have been with ONTO for over 2 years. ONTO is one big happy family because it is the first company that I worked for that generally cares about its employees like family. We get so much support, respect, and consideration and ONTO truly acknowledges great work from its agents. I plan on making a career because they give you a great opportunity to do so. ONTO has been a Godsend during the pandemic. They really appreciate what you bring to the table. Not only do they tell you so and show you but they also very clearly reflect it on their pay. Join our ONTO family, it’s one of the best and most important moves you can make in your life. So don’t wait any time and let’s just get ONTO it.


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