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We get you the perfect fit in the job the best works for you and keeps the stress level low, so you love it and are happy, with no pressure.


Our Core Features

You are in the best hands with ONTO, the most reliable and responsible boss you can find in which to place your future

Foreign Companies

We work primarily with American companies that are established. You experience a modern work ambiance right from our office

Career Opportunities

We offer job security with employee satisfaction. You can make it a career and remain forever if you comply with your responsibilities

Company Culture

We provide the tools, the training, and the culture to help you succeed in your role

Perfect Match

We always have new campaigns coming in, so if you don’t find the best fit when you first join us, you can switch campaigns to be happy


With ONTO, You Will Improve Your Soft and Hard Skills because We Are Committed to Your Success

ONTO is a top provider of video editing, graphics, writing, inbound and outbound call services to Business Owners in the USA. Businesses in the United States need our employees to perform for them. We are located in Santiago, Dominican Republic.We hire you, train you, and supervise the quality of your work to ensure that it matches our clients standards. We fully train and prepare you, sometimes with the involvement and help of the Business Owners’ staff. If you are ready to level up you can expect the following from us:

Integrity, reliability, responsibility

Family-like culture of solidarity teamwork

Passionate about our work responsibilities

Give our all and committed to excellence

The best benefits, commissions and bonuses

Flexibility, peace and comfort from your home

ONTO delivers training and resources to you, so you can deliver for our American clients

ONTO is committed to providing the best work atmosphere in which you can grow your skills and value to the international marketplace. We have a history of having a skyhigh employee satisfaction record. At our office you do not face micromanagement like in many other companies. We foster communication and encourage engagement. We want you to add value with your creativity, innovation, and determination to problem solving.

Career Growth opportunity right in the heart of the Dominican Republic

Multiple positions for you to choose from and be happy

Enjoy fringe benefits, bonuses, surprises, dinners, resorts

Health insurance, paid vacations, double pay holidays, Regalia

Company culture of a relaxed work environment like family

You’re always treated with respect, consideration, fairness

Our Campaigns

We tailor your campaign just for you and your skills

You must understand customer care & nurture. We can’t promise to place you right the first time, but from our incoming new campaigns you can find the best fit to switch to

Answering Service

Customer service, taking orders, making appointments, sales, handling inquiries, all virtual assistant receptionist and secretary work

Email Response Service

You respond to all emails for the Client’s customers and associates, usually with the help of templates and a lot of copy and paste

Outbound Marketing

You call potential and prospective customers to let them know about a product or service and try to make a sale or get their email

Research & Surveys

MUST be able to navigate online data systems and forms to gather and verify data and information, and be computer savvy with a strong working knowledge of PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel. There are no calls.

Live Chat Support

You provide live chat support to the Client’s customers, polishing and selling the Client’s brand and keeping surfers happily engaged

Content Writing

You write content for the Client’s digital world, like telemarketing, blogs, social media posts, emails, editing, and translations

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions many prospective agents frequently ask us to familiarize themselves with the process and procedures at ONTO

Can I work from home?
During the pandemic we were letting agents work from home. However now that the campaign is virtually over, we want you to work from our office. At our office we can control the quality of the work and provide you with all of ONTO benefits. We can fully train and prepare you for success. After you demonstrate reliability and competence in your role, we can discuss hybrid opportunities. That’s after working at our location for a minimum of six months.
When do I get paid working with ONTO?
You get paid weekly with ONTO. ONTO pays on Mondays. So you start on Monday and work until Friday, that very next Monday you will be paid.
What benefits do I get working with ONTO?
You get insurance, paid vacations, paid holidays, and you get to work with awesome people in the United States virtually from our office.
Are all your campaigns only in English?
Almost all our campaigns involve the English language because we deal with U.S. residents, so even in a Spanish campaign you can get the occasional English call or you may find yourself having to explain something in English to the customer’s family member during a Spanish call. Same as with Spanish in that sometimes an occasional Spanish call might come in an English campaign or some English may be required during some Spanish call. It is why ONTO truly values the agent who is fully bilingual and excels in both English & Spanish.
What Our Agents Say

Loved By Our Agents

Our agents all tell us that ONTO is such an essential part of their lives like a close family member they can’t do without and that, to them, no other job exists in the world.

“I have been working with ONTO for quite some time, and I enjoy every minute of it! They have different campaigns and they are all quite simple and easy. I “own” mine and I love it!”

– Josie Estrella

“I have been with ONTO for almost 7 months and I love it! ONTO always appreciates me and pays me more than what I earned in the other call center”

– Gracie Veras

“I only wish I’d known about ONTO sooner it would’ve avoided so many hardships for me. But I plan to always give my best so I can count on ONTO forever”.

– Yami Perez

I look forward to work days with ONTO due to the camaraderie of support and appreciation, the simplicity and ease of work, and the great benefits”.

– Chayna Solomon

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